“this is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship”

Critec was born in 2003 in Águeda, central Portugal. Our activity focuses on brand activation through branding and advertisement services and technological communication products. We provide services to different business sectors and our biggest clients apart from the public sector are ceramics, hardware, cycling, commerce and service companies.

We count on a team of more than 15 professionals with skills in areas such as marketing, design, programming, digital marketing, copywriting, photography and video.

During our career we have been awarded several prizes, namely the Innovation Prize by the Trade Association of Águeda and the Lusophone Creativity Prize for the work carried out within “Projeto 5”.

We work for many internationally renowned brands, such as Revigrés and Margrés in the field of ceramics, we also developed the new graphic image of Órbita – the oldest Portuguese bicycle brand – and all the graphic image and digital communication of Agitágueda, a local festival with international projection.

We sell, rent, manage and develop diverse technological products such as LED panels, touch-screen billboards, transparent screens and other technological products for brand communication and activation.

We carry out a multidisciplinary work which harmoniously combines technique with aesthetic, so as to offer our clients high quality and added-value products.